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Abstract Logo Design Principles

Abstract logos are unique and different from traditional pictorial logos such as an apple, bird, or other easily recognizable images. Instead, abstract logos are a unique symbol or icon that represents your business.

This means when someone sees your abstract logo, they will immediately think of your brand and your brand only, which is especially important for new brands looking to make their name and stand out from the crowd.

Abstract logos also offer endless creativity and variety to ensure you get the logo you love! You are not held down by traditional constraints and are left with incredible options to make your brand memorable.

Find your abstract logo today to build a brand people love. The logo is the first thing they see and often the last thing they remember which is why it is important to find one you love today!


Research on color psychology specifies that we associate hues with emotions. It is then important to choose colors based on the kind of brand that you would like to communicate. For instance, red is linked with intense elements such as power, energy, desire, and strength. This may then be ideal for products and services which emphasize highly active and powerful themes. In comparison, green evokes serenity, rest, refreshment, growth, and love for nature. It may then be best used by those who specialize in meditation, plant-based diet, and organic products. Moreover, blue is ideal for those who would like to target masculinity and the “macho-man” demographic. Obviously, pink is linked with femininity and is great for equipment and apparel meant for women. Yellow is also ideal for any kind of product since this is usually the first color that the brain recognizes. In addition, purple is related with creating a welcoming ambience, brown elicits an outdoor and rugged theme, and black represents elegance, sophistication, as well as power. You should keep in mind that using too many colors can be overwhelming. A splash of two or three colors may do the trick.


Abstract logos allow you to break some of the traditional logo layout rules. Your abstract logo can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, solid, line or a number of other designs. The importance is to keep it clear, unique and consistent across the board.


Your choice of your letters’ font, spacing, color, arrangement, and sizes can convey your brand’s personality. For instance, emboldened and heavy texts may accentuate muscular power and may interest those who are into pumping iron. On the other hand, simple and flowing scripts can reflect flexibility and grace which are typical of yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, and similar abstract activities.

Keep your brand typography simple, distinct, and clear. Fancy typography may look good but is often hard to read from afar or on small print.


The symbol is a place where you can get creative and find what fits your brand. It is again important to consider your ideal audience. Thus, you need to come up with a remarkably distinguishable image which gives justice to your expertise, personality, and the current style.

Ideally, you want a symbol that is unique, clear, and insightful if possible. Do not overcomplicate the symbol as that will detract from your brand.

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