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The church is not only a worship service but also a community. To help others find a way to reach your community, you must first find a way to communicate your beliefs and values ​​to the world, and that is exactly what a great church logo can do. Take a moment to think about how your Church can communicate with people and fulfill its mission because the mission of the Church is the mission of Christ. In addition to powerful stories and catchy slogans, branding is an expression of the spiritual vocation of your Church.

Successful branding not only widens the influence of your Church but also expands your reach. And one of the most obvious yet widely adopted branding techniques is the creation of a logo, and churches have been using logos for decades. Here at Vivid Loom, we specialize in helping churches design the logo they need when they need it.

VividLoom empowers you to design and find a beautiful logo without spending a fortune or having any artistic or technical experience.

This process is fast, simple, and provides endless options ensuring you will find a logo that you love and fits your church.

Finding the right logo can be a difficult task. This is why VividLoom offers endless logo variations so you can scroll until something “pops out”, which is what a logo is all about. You will know the right one when you see it. Below are some basic guidelines to help make your decision.

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What Type Of Logo Does Your Church Need?

What Color?

That being said, there is a multitude of ways to approach church logo design as there are to convey your message. Because a logo is the visual identity of your church, it must be visually appealing, highly visible, and above all, it must connect with people instantly. One common mistake is choosing a bright color just because it stands out. This can take away and distract from your core message.

You want to keep it simple, clear, and choose colors that complement one another. The logo should give a good impression to your community, which is why many church logos choose soft pastel shades in their palettes. Blues, greens, and grays are all popular choices as they give a sense of calm and tranquility. Red, orange, and yellow bring a sharp contrast while adding warmth to your logo design.

Logo Layout?

Layout – A logo is more than just another visual element; it is a representation of your community and a gateway for new believers. People already have their own ideas and perceptions about the church, whether good or bad. You need a design that would be strong enough to best represent who you are and bold enough to become the face of your mission. So, you’d want to incorporate a more promising outlook while maintaining symmetry to best highlight your purpose through the logo.

Ideally, you want a clean, elegant, and clear layout. A layout that sticks out while also conveying a powerful message of what you are about. Your logo layout should instantly convey the message without too much thought or complexity.

What Typography?

When it comes to typography, think about what message you wish to convey to the believers. More progressive churches tend to lean towards a less-traditional approach and go for modern fonts. For example, professional graphic designers are mostly fond of the Helvetica while Sans Serif fonts are still the classic form of church media communication because they are easier to read. So, choose the right fonts that best compliment your logo and reflect the essence of your church.It is important to remember that people might only have a second to look at your logo, and the font size may make it difficult to read.

This is why the typography should be crisp, clear and not overly detailed, making it difficult to read. Many church logos prefer clogged serif fonts, often associated with trust and tradition. Check with any font you plan to use, check its readability in different sizes to make sure all members of the community can read and remember the name of your church.

What About The Symbol?

Symbolism is an important part of any religion and the cross is undoubtedly one of the oldest symbols of Christianity. The cross imagery ought to do great for any church but it also recalls the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, so it can be interpreted in many ways. You can use some kind of image or symbol that is specific to your faith like a dove, star, or menorah – there are like a dozen of other religious symbols that represent subtlety and elegance, and unity.

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How To Design Your Logo?

Enter Your Church Name

Simply enter your church name to help the generator provide a logo that flows and completes your brand imaging.

Choose Category

Select the “Religious” category to help the generator create logos that carry your messaging and purpose. Instantly Receive 100’s Of Concepts. Choose from endless generated designs that allow you to find the right fit.

Create Your Logo by customizing the color, font, and much more. Fine-tune the logo to make it exactly how you want.

Design A Church Logo Now!

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