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A logo is more than just a graphical symbol that represents your brand and business. Many businesses fail to understand the true potential of a logo and what it can accomplish. A logo connects to people. While we have seen tremendous changes in all aspects of logo design over the years, the core elements of a logo have not changed. And fashion logos are no exception.

Fashion industry has grown remarkably over the years and so does the need to effectively market your business. Whether it’s a spa or beauty care, you need a face for your brand that people can connect to and relate to. And logos go a long way in creating a brand identity of your business. However, not every logo is as good as your brand. A logo is the first thing that your customers will notice so you’d want your logo to be remembered for what it is for years to come.

Because you want to make it right the first time, so you do not have to revisit it for at least several years. Let's take a look into what goes into a good logo design, and how a good logo makes your brand really stand out.

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What Makes A Good Fashion Logo?


Colors are a form of non-verbal communication that can be used strategically to serve a clear purpose. The color palette you’ll use can either relate or differentiate. Color is one of the core fundamental elements of a logo design which adds interest and hits directly on people’s emotional state. So, you should recognize the importance of colors before applying them on your logo design.


A good logo needs to be easily identifiable and it should stand the test of time. Branding is about consistency, so when creating your medical logo, layout proves to be a great tool that not only engages the viewer but also gets your message out. So, investing in the right logo design will go a long way in making the content easier to understand. Clean lines and symmetry are important attributes of a logo layout design. A good layout is a crucial building block in logo design, so keep it simple and neat.


Attitude in branding is often best described through modern, bold typefaces. Typography is fashion and it represents your brand’s personality. The baselines of typography usually sit straight and level. So, if you’re looking to catch some serious attention, you need to find a typeface that’s eye-catching without being too aggressive.


Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word logo is the iconic ‘Apple’ logo. Symbol establishes a relationship between the logo and the audience. Apple’s logo is instantly recognizable with the half bitten Apple originally serving a practical purpose. Symbols make it easy to identify your brand or business. So, your logo should clearly represent your fashion goals and avoid any misrepresentation at all costs.

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